Paxos accommodation, hotels, rooms, villas, studios, apartments

Fougaros Travel and Holidays offers a complete  accomodation service on Paxos island. You can choose the right place to accommodate among the largest inventory of exclusive private and multi resident villas, apartments and studios for vacation rental.

Villa Bella Vista Paxos

IMGP0280The fully refurbished Villa Bella Vista is located on the east coast of Paxos, on one of the hills surrounding Gaios, the capital of the island. Guests can enjoy their holidays on one of the messonaites and sense absolute tranquillity whilst gazing at the blue Ionian sea.
The refurbishment has been carried out with details of both Ionian islands’ Venetian style but also of the local culture.

Anassa Villas & Anassa Mare Apartments

Anassa Villas


163Αnassa Villas is a newly built complex situated on the east side of Paxos, 500m from the port and 1.5 km from Gaios, right on the coast and consists of 5 villas and  2 apartments  for 4 and 6 people respectively. Three villas are situated under the main street and the other 2 villas are up from the road, only a few meters away (less than 50m) from the one of the few organized beaches in the island, with sun beds and umbrellas, water coffee etc.
Every building consists of 2 apartments, ground floor and first floor, totally independent but through an internal door can these apartments easily communicate each other (through internal stairway) and if tenants want to can easily do that.
These 2 villas can accommodate 4 people in the 1st floor and 4 people on the ground floor as the other 3 villas can accommodate 4 people in 1st floor and 6 on the ground floor.

Triena Quality Villas

image21The three high-quality villas Triena, offer privacy and luxury with all the amenities you can have in a luxury hotel. With an emphasis on aesthetics and comfort, but by focusing on Ionian architecture and integration into the landscape.

Careful construction, fine fabrics, and decorating, are some of the components throughout. Discover now the privilege of staying in an elegant and fully attentive villas when visiting the island.

Villa Ionia

VI_vie_01_hVilla Ionia is luxury villa about 1 km from Gaios, the capital of the island, and 800 m from the nearest beach. In this villa can sleep 6 to 8 persons together or separately 6 (main villa) , 2 (extra studio).
The main villa is mezonete style in two levels .

Villa Rellas

villia_rellas_image1The Villa Rellas complex is completely renovated and consists of 2 apartments for 4 guests each. They are situated 2 km from the capital of Paxos, Gaios, within an olive grove.

Leonora Studios
LS_ext_01_hLeonora Studio apartments (30m2) situated 500m from the centre of Gaios, the capital of Paxos.
Angela Studios at Paxos
studio_angelaAngela studios consist of 6 rooms, each 30-35m2, situated 500m from the new port and 200m from the nearest beach.
Emmanuela & Skipper Villas

villa emmanuella skripper villasBoth newly built luxury villas Emmanuella and Skipper are set at an idyllic spot next to the sea on the east coast of Paxos 800m from the small graphic port of Gaios.Set in their own private grounds among terraced gardens and patios.

Paxos - Kanoni Beach Studios
KB_fya_01_hKanoni Beach Studios complex is located in the north part of Paxos , near Lakka, 8km from Gaios. It is consisted of three studios fully equiped, that can accomodate 2 - 3 persons each.
Baronos Studios - Apartments Paxos
Στούντιο BaronosBaronos Studio apartments (45m2) are situated next to the beach, 1.5 km from Gaios, on the road to Mogonisi, on the south side of Paxos island, and consist of two  apartments that can accommodate a family each.
Filomelas Studios

Στούντιο FilomelasFilomelas Studios are situated 1.5km away from Gaios.They can comfortably sleep 2 guests, or a family consists of four memders.